Tips on Shipping Furniture

Whether you are moving or shipping furniture purchased online, you have several options. First you need to decide what method to use to ship your furniture. Furniture is typically shipped either as freight or by white glove movers.

Freight is usually the least expensive way to ship your furniture. If you are shipping furniture overseas, your furniture will travel as sea freight. While shipping furniture as freight can save you money, you will also be responsible for packaging, loading, and unloading your furniture.

You may want to ship your furniture using white glove movers if you do not have time to arrange for freight transport. White glove movers offer door-to-door service and are responsible for packaging, loading, unloading, and assembling your furniture.
Once you choose how to ship your furniture, prepare the piece for transport and be ready to move large furniture around your home. Follow our guides for shipping tables, sofa shipping, and bed shipping for tips on packaging and moving specific types of furniture.
How to Ship Furniture as Freight
  hipping furniture as freight can be the most affordable option. Most likely, piece or pieces of furniture you’re shipping will not take up an entire truckload. This type of shipment is referred to as less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. Furniture shipped as LTL freight will share a container with other shipments. LTL freight travels on a hub system, so your furniture will exchange trucks several times before reaching its destination. When creating a listing on uShip, fill in the details of your furniture items and denote that you would like to ship your furniture as freight. Capable freight transporters or forwarders will bid on your load with specific prices and time frames, and you will have a chance to evaluate their profile for authority and feedback.

There are special requirements for shipping furniture as freight, and it may not be the ideal service for every piece. To ship furniture via LTL freight, you will have to choose your carrier carefully, package your furniture correctly, and be prepared for pickup and drop off.

Choosing a furniture freight company
All freight carriers are required by law to have operating authority from the Department of Transportation When collecting quotes, make sure to verify your freight carrier’s authority at by checking their company name or DOT/MC numbers.

Freight pick up and delivery
As opposed to white glove moving service, a freight carrier will not bring your furniture inside. Generally, freight service is curb-to-curb, and you will be responsible for loading and unloading your furniture. Your freight driver may be willing to help with this, but it is a good idea to have at least two able-bodied people available to help move large pieces of furniture
If you decide to take care of the shipping yourself.
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